Satoshi Bitcoin Converter


I initially made this converter in June of 2013 as a website for myself because I kept getting confused with Bitcoin units and prices. Then, I made it into an app and put it on the Google Play store for anyone to use, for free.

My thoughts were that this would be my tiny contribution to Bitcoin and crypto. I hope you find the app useful.

Is / Is not

This app is not for fiat-to-fiat conversions, like USD-to-EUR. Also, it is not for crypto-to-crypto conversions, like BTC-to-ETH.

This app is for fiat-to-crypto conversions and for converting units within each crypto. For instance, how much, in EUR, is 1000 "bits"? And how much in BTC is that?

General notes:

Please realize that I do this during my limited spare time. Take it for what it is...a free app, with no advertisements. I do this just for the satisfaction of making something that works, for the crypto community, and with the hope that it might help someone in some small way.

Before offering a less-than-favorable rating or complaining about something in the app, drop me a note and I'll take a look.

You can contact the admin via email at


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