Satoshi Bitcoin Converter

First, let me say, "Thank you for using this app."

I initially made this converter in June of 2013 as a website for myself because I kept getting confused with bitcoin units and prices. Then, I made it into an app and put it on the Google Play store for anyone to use, for free. My thoughts were that this would be my tiny contribution to Bitcoin and crypto. I hope you find the app useful.

Secondly, though it isn't necessary, here are ways you can say thanks if you wish:

  1. Rate the app in the Google Play store. Of course a "5" is the best!
  2. Leave a comment in the app store. I love encouragement and kind words, but constructive criticism is good too.
  3. Sign up for an account at Coinbase using the blue link and get $10 BTC free.
    Coinbase gets a new user, you get $10, and I get $10. Everybody wins!
  4. Sign up for an account at Binance using the orange link. Binance enables trading of many cryptocurrencies or altcoins as well.
    When you trade, a fraction of the normal trading fees are sent back here. Thanks.
  5. The easiest way to say thanks...just keep using the app and share it with friends.

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