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January 3, 2019 marked 10 years of Bitcoin (and crypto) being live. To celebrate, revisit the words of Satoshi Nakamoto. This free pdf ebook compiles all of Satoshi's writings, forum posts, and emails in chronological order. It's an enlightening, and historical, read from the originator of cryptocurrency. The image below opens the pdf.
Kicking the Hornet's Nest ebook
Free ebook in pdf format.

A printed copy of this book can be obtained at, for reference and for posterity.
These words will be remembered in history.

Robinhood is an app for trading stock and cryptocurrency with zero fees. If you sign up for Robinhood using the link below, we'll both get a free share of stock worth between $3 and $200. That's awesome!

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Coinbase is a great exchange. Coinbase Earn is a great way to easily earn crypto (watch a 3 minute video, answer 1 easy question). Use the buttons below to earn $40 worth of Stellar Lumens, Orchid tokens, or EOS tokens.

Not on Coinbase yet? Sign up for an account at Coinbase using the blue link and get $10 BTC free. Coinbase gets a new user, you get $10, and I get $10. Everybody wins!

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